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Friday, February 10, 2012

using old paper bags, food cartons, etc

To recycle or not to recycle is an important question we all should ask ourselves. 
Our earth has been showing signs that it's not happy with all the trash we have been piling up. With all the natural calamities happening around the world,  we can do our part by simply recycling stuff that we carry home after we shop. 

What I do is when I arrive home after shopping, I keep all the paper bags, carton clothes tags, boxes of food like french fries, pizza, or cake, and disposable cups of coffee and other drinks. I put it in a cabinet for things that I use for recycling. When I have spare time I recreate cute trinkets and mini organizers. 

turn carton clothes tag to book marks, old spread jar to keep small things
like paper clips, pins, etc. , discount coupons to paper money.

recycle paper bags to make file holders and adapter & wire holder
re use rubber band.

turn carton of fries into holder, cut up the letters and phrases from
old magazines and brochures.

I do this craft which I learned from grade school and I never stopped since then. 
It doesn't only help earth but it also brings back lots of fun memories from my child hood.

I do this a lot when I'm feeling down or when I have a problem. Keeping busy takes my mind off those things. 

Now I teach this to  my nieces and nephews, we have lots of fun every time we recycle.  It boost their creativity and we also get to spend time together and bond. 

I already did my part to lessen our trash at home and I also get lots of kisses from my recycling buddies...